Commercial, Corporate and Bankruptcy law

The firm has significant experience in Bankruptcy law and focused on companies in economic crisis. We assisted debtors in the analysis’ preventive stage, and identification of the best procedure to manage insolvency (debts’ rescheduling agreements, certificates’ recovery plans, creditor agreement, special administration of insolvent companies, compulsoryadministrative liquidation).

Our firm provides support to creditors and potential buyer negotiations in the field of insolvency or liquidation procedure. Furthermore, we assist our costumers in proof of claim in bankruptcy proceedings, possible opposition stage and in the opposition disputes to insolvency declaratory judgments.



Caltagirone & Lazzaroni firm has extensive experience in matters connected to generational handovers, allowing the client to precisely plan the company succession accordingly. It is important to manage this handover strategically, in order to allow the company to keep growing successfully.

This can be done using family agreements, transfer of quotas, trust, family trust funds, transaction acts, divisions, holding, shareholders' agreement, statutory clauses and generally legal means, which are from time to time studied ad-hoc to ensure the desired result. Our office teamwork provides efficient work within the notary, legal and fiscal fields. We supervise delicate legal and fiscal aspects that can arise in these kind of operations. Together with the clients we study the most adequate solutions; ensuring our qualified assistance.

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